Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Welcome to the 5th Calgary Underground Film Festival

The Calgary Underground Film Festival (CUFF) is committed to the celebration of alternative vision showcasing independent, provocative and bizarre film and videos. We strive to show works that defy convention in form, style and content, screening a wide spectrum of contemporary works in a variety of categories: feature, documentary, animation, short and experimental. CUFF is dedicated to programming Canadian Independent as well as unique International films in various genres, showcasing films rarely seen in North America. We actively look to showcase titles in the horror, sci-fi, fantasy, comedy , thriller... music related films and a wide variety of titles that could end up on dvd shelves before having an exhibition screening in our city. Our plan each year too is to try and bring as many of the indie filmmakers as we can afford. Bit by bit we are expanding CUFF and each year after attending other festivals, and seeing what our audience wants, we try new ideas with the festival.